Today is Rare Disease Day!!!

rare-disease-dayToday is very important to our family as it is National Rare Disease Day. While #SICKLECELLDISEASE is by no means rare, as it affects millions around the world, it does not get the attention that it so greatly needs.

Please consider taking a moment to learn about sickle cell disease as awareness is needed for the millions who have suffered, who currently suffer, and sadly, who are yet to suffer.

Many of the well known diseases have runs for cures, t-shirts, fundraisers, door knockers, large charity events, athletic games, and even have our kids raising money at school events.

But rare diseases like sickle cell disease are often in the shadows, unheard of, silent and deadly. Awareness that will bring funding for research is our only hope. Next time your team has a fundraiser, please consider suggesting sickle cell disease to help fund research for.

#SickleCellAwareness #RareDiseaseDay

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