About Us


MTS Sickle Cell Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is committed to helping sickle cell patients and their families get through the long and arduous journey of life with sickle cell disease. Since its inception, MTS Sickle Cell Foundation has delivered moral and financial support to sickle cell patients and their families, irrespective of their nationality, gender, age, religion or ethnicity.

MTS Sickle Cell Foundation has garnered widespread recognition and awards from numerous institutions, locally, regionally, and internationally in helping sickle cell patients and creating awareness about the disease.

We believe in:

  • Increasing public awareness of sickle cell disease and providing support to families affected by sickle cell disease
  • Supporting educational and informational activities to increase public awareness of issues affecting the sickle cell community
  • Providing information to the public about the need for support, awareness, and advocacy for sickle cell disease
  • Sponsoring meetings, events, and workshops about how to live well with sickle cell disease
  • Educating the public about the funding needs of organizations that work to bring awareness to sickle cell disease and support families affected by SCD


Leadership & Staff

MTS Sickle Cell Foundation’s Board of Directors and staff play a pivotal role in advancing the organization’s mission.



Our History

In 2015, compelled by challenges of raising three daughters who all have sickle cell disease, Mapillar Dahn embarked on a mission.



Financials & Policies

We are pleased to share our tax filings and policy statements, which outline our financial strength and sound stewardship practices.



Join our Board of Directors

MTS Sickle Cell Foundation is looking for dedicated individuals to join our Board of Directors.


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