MTS Birthday Club

For many people with a sickle cell diagnosis or who care for a loved one with sickle cell disease, birthdays have a deeper significance because the diagnosis often paralyzes one’s thoughts about the future. Some are told that they will only live to be a certain age. Others are struck with crises and complications so grave that leave them wondering how many more birthdays they may be here for. Will they make it to see their next birthday? Will they have children some day? Grandchildren? Will they be here next week? Tomorrow?

MTS Sickle Cell Foundation understands the significance of each birthday for those battling sickle cell disease and launched our “MTS Birthday Club” initiative to help celebrate this special day with patients and their families by sending patients living in the United States a special gift.

The MTS Birthday Club is made possible by MTS Sickle Cell Foundation’s Birthday For A Cause initiative, where people from all over the world launch campaigns online to donate their birthdays to support sickle cell awareness.


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