Qiana L. Cressman, Strategic Partnerships

19883531_10159095092245500_956825742_nQiana Cressman has 17 years’ experience as a sales and marketing professional for national/international healthcare organizations. She is a trained medical laboratory technician and uses her technical expertise to serve as a regional sales professional for the American Red Cross. In prior roles, Qiana managed the Red Cross Penn-Jersey Region’s Community Outreach and Sickle Cell Donor Program which included a base of 16,000 diverse blood donors.

Cressman built strategic partnerships that engaged multicultural communities to donate over 1,500 pints of blood monthly to provide ongoing transfusion support for 2,000 pediatric patients with sickle cell anemia. Cressman also collaborates with corporate, medical and nonprofit executives, creating public awareness and designing initiatives that ensure adequate an blood supply for community hospital patients. Prior to joining the Red Cross, Qiana spent 12 years working in Biomedical Services at major healthcare organizations such as The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Tenet Healthcare System, Atlanta Blood Services, The Blood and Marrow Transplant Group of Georgia and the Delaware Valley Health System. She has authored articles published in the transfusion medicine industry and spoken around the U.S. and internationally in areas including Novia Scotia and Montreal Quebec on community engagement and industry-related topics. Qiana loves traveling, football and watching movies with family in her free time. She has a B.S. in Management and a degree in Medical Laboratory Technology.

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